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# Category Tracker Status Subject Assignee Due date
  Authentic 2 - 2.2.0 13 Collapse all/Expand all
5541 Development Nouveau Add a page to manage providers Actions
6925 Development Nouveau Map authentication method to authentication levels and use those levels to limit access to services Actions
5455 Documentation Support Nouveau Update documentation Gestion d'identité Actions
6648 Development Nouveau Allow managing LDAP servers from the manager Actions
8826 Development En cours Refactoring: merge LibertyServiceProvider into LibertyProvider Actions
10322 Development Nouveau Remove title from profile frontends. Actions
9399 Development En cours add filter "at least one role" on users view Thomas Noël Actions
7879 Development En cours When an authnrequest is canceled, statusMessage should contain a message telling what happened. Actions
10598 Development Nouveau saml auth: ask for email if it's not provided in profile Actions
9256 Development Nouveau Allow creating / mapping RBAC roles from / to LDAP groups Actions
  Lasso - 2.6.2 1 Collapse all/Expand all
42073 Development Nouveau remplacer les usages de g_type_class_add_private par G_DEFINE_TYPE_WITH_PRIVATE Actions
  Publik - Analyse en cours 2 Collapse all/Expand all
58899 Gestion d'identité (Authentic) Development Nouveau Avoir des catégories de rôles dans authentic Actions
58893 Prise de Rendez-vous (Chrono) Development Nouveau Recherche dans l'écran de pointage Actions
  Authentic 2 - future 24 Collapse all/Expand all
5453 Documentation Support Nouveau Update redmine homepage Thomas Noël 19 Sep 2014 Actions
5451 Documentation Support Nouveau Update entrouvert website page on authentic2 Thomas Noël 19 Sep 2014 Actions
20184 Development Nouveau Écran de gestion des permissions d'un rôle : clarifier la liste des objets Actions
20160 Bug Nouveau liste des rôles quand "toutes les collectivités" est choisie lors de la modification des rôles d'un usager Actions
1147 Development Nouveau Manage prefered IdP to enhance the Idp selection UI Actions
6051 Documentation Support Nouveau Remove the FAQ style (rewrite section title written as question) Actions
672 SAML Development Nouveau Support Identity Provider Discovery Service profile Actions
736 Development Information nécessaire User interface on the IdP to propagate SLO Actions
287 SAML Development Nouveau NameIDManagement in idp saml2 Actions
10688 authentic2-idp-cas Bug Nouveau Do not raise AssertError when get_user_from_session_key() return an AnonymousUser Actions
1370 Development Nouveau Rename term 'option' in 'parameter' when necessary Actions
69 Development Nouveau Simple cookie identity provider Actions
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