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# Category Tracker Status Subject Assignee Due date
  Authentic 2 - future 24 Collapse all/Expand all
287 SAML Development Nouveau NameIDManagement in idp saml2 Actions
105 Development Nouveau Preferences support Actions
6051 Documentation Support Nouveau Remove the FAQ style (rewrite section title written as question) Actions
1370 Development Nouveau Rename term 'option' in 'parameter' when necessary Actions
750 SAML Development Nouveau SAML2 Holder of key Actions
69 Development Nouveau Simple cookie identity provider Actions
672 SAML Development Nouveau Support Identity Provider Discovery Service profile Actions
6380 Development Nouveau sync-ldap-users should only synchronize chosen LDAP servers Serghei Mihai Actions
5451 Documentation Support Nouveau Update entrouvert website page on authentic2 Thomas Noël (en congés → 18 juillet) 19 Sep 2014 Actions
5453 Documentation Support Nouveau Update redmine homepage Thomas Noël (en congés → 18 juillet) 19 Sep 2014 Actions
736 Development Information nécessaire User interface on the IdP to propagate SLO Actions
6054 Documentation Support Nouveau Write a quick start note for saml2 sp - google apps use case Serghei Mihai Actions
  Lasso - future 19 Collapse all/Expand all
45 SAMLv2 Development Nouveau Add an utility function to complete an AuthnResponse with the IP adresse of the client Actions
161 Tests Development Nouveau Add a python full matrix test Actions
50 XML Framework Development Nouveau Add a strict mode for lasso_node_init_from_xml Actions
46 SAMLv2 Development Nouveau Add a way to verify SubjectConfirmationData->Recipient with the URL of the assertionConsumer Actions
30 XML Framework Development Nouveau Add node objects for the SAMLv2 metadata schema Actions
44 Documentation Development Nouveau Add to the doc the basic necessity of SAML security Actions
8164 Bug Nouveau artifact resolve success message on error Actions
51 SAMLv2 Development Nouveau Check Assertion in AuthnResponse as mandated by the specification Actions
52 Core Development Nouveau For ID-FF 1.2 and SAML 2.0, check that issuer of response is the one we are waiting for Actions
1577 Bug Nouveau LassoProfile.signature_status should always contain the signature status of the last processed request or response Actions
104 Core Development Nouveau Make lasso_server_get_first_providerID_by_role use provide->private_data->roles and not provider->role Actions
87 XML Framework Development Nouveau Move all conditions checking to lasso_saml2_conditions namespace Actions
5115 Binding perl Bug Information nécessaire Perl Module Bindings (XS LassoKey typemap missing?) Actions
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