Development #8280

Updated by Benjamin Dauvergne over 4 years ago

* align user listing columns to the left
* replace link on user.uuid to link on the user name
* remove the user date joined column
* order the user table by user full name

* reorder columns of the user table
* factorize the search form template
ignore ordering of terms and columns when searching user
* add view of organizational units to all managers
* remove dead extra_scripts block
* rename roles table name column to "label"
* change verbose name of members_counts in roles tables to "member count"
* hide users' table ou column when there can be only one
* add view of organizational units to all managers
* on user's role page: show user's roles form her ou by default
* when an ou is selected all roles of this ou are shown, and selection is done through checkboxes instead of a django-select2 selector fixes #8140)
* all search forms are now ajax loaded (but the search button has been kept, in case..), for free text search loading starts 600ms after the last user keypress (no need to leave the input field),
* when a role is inherited but the user is not directly a member of it, an indeterminate checkbox representation is used;
* proper history is maintained for the browser back button to work, even the state of the search form is restored; it also improves navigation using the pagination links (which were already loaded using ajax).