From 09 August 2011 to 07 September 2011

07 September 2011

10:41 PM Revision 5374ecec: add a "tracing" form to access submitted requests anonymously
Frédéric Péters

30 August 2011

03:58 PM Autre #632 (Rejeté): Passage des courriels automatiques en SPAM
Thomas Noël
03:58 PM Autre #632: Passage des courriels automatiques en SPAM
C'est un ticket qui ne sera jamais fermé... sauf si on le ferme et qu'on en ouvre d'autres quand des problèmes concre... Thomas Noël

26 August 2011

03:53 PM Revision 70130225: [ezldap] send mail when remove a user
We don't use the good email template, but it works.
+ delete the session and redirect to login page
Thomas Noël

25 August 2011

11:17 AM Revision fea31118: [ezldap] activate account on change password or change email actions
With this modification, a user can activate his account even if he did not
receive the first mail.
Thomas Noël

23 August 2011

11:48 AM Revision 458742b3: [ezldap] mail to admins when creating a user
ticket #650 Thomas Noël

22 August 2011

05:06 PM Revision 2750dbae: [ezldap] raise a KeyError exception if user don't exist in ldap
Thomas Noël

19 August 2011

02:55 PM Revision e8b79d7d: [ezldap] delete forms when delete an account
fix #619 Thomas Noël

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