From 22 November 2011 to 21 December 2011

18 December 2011

03:11 PM Revision 3f079b20: [ezldap] sync with wcs (add [user] subst. var)
Thomas Noël

15 December 2011

06:07 PM Revision bdae5544: now install every themes not just auquotidien
Jérôme Schneider
02:34 PM Revision ac94988a: Debian Squeeze support
* debian/control: remove python-celementtree dependency
* debian/wcs-au-quotidien.init: modify option extra for sque...
Jérôme Schneider
02:32 PM Revision 1ee57f7b: don't display URL redirections (sync with w.c.s.)
because redirection are handled with a redirect() in w.c.s., and this
redirect() handles substitutions variables.
Thomas Noël
12:58 PM Revision 30d69e62: in myspace, display forms sorted by status
Thomas Noël

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