From 03 May 2014 to 01 June 2014

30 May 2014

03:25 PM Revision ae79c334 (calebasse): agenda: overlapping events marked in the availability bars
Closes #4143 Serghei Mihai
11:18 AM Revision 3e29d8ec (calebasse): agenda: comment icon update for ressources
Serghei Mihai

28 May 2014

07:48 PM Revision 7b8d8bd5 (calebasse): agenda: icon displayed or hidden on comment update
Closes #2509 Serghei Mihai

23 May 2014

04:30 PM Revision ce8553a5 (calebasse): actes: act types displaying template
Serghei Mihai
04:25 PM Revision 9b1f1c3a (calebasse): actes: "group" field added to act type and acts filtering by it enabled
service square displayed in act types listing Serghei Mihai
04:25 PM Revision fd03639c (calebasse): agenda: unique patient for periodic appointments
Serghei Mihai
04:19 PM Revision 9509e819 (calebasse): dossiers: show school number and address into socialisation tab
Fixes #4147 Jérôme Schneider

14 May 2014

12:13 PM Revision 8391a7e9 (calebasse): dossiers: correct action provided in patient directory creation form
Closes #4820 Serghei Mihai

13 May 2014

06:02 PM Revision f1a4cd58 (calebasse): agenda: improving multiple patients adding/updating for a schedule
Reverting "agenda: add multiple patients for a schedule"
This reverts commit 6fdbe2459bab5933e993022a4e85a7b9c3c9100...
Serghei Mihai
02:15 PM Revision 7d4712a3 (calebasse): agenda: crossing schedules marked in availability bars
Closes #4143 Serghei Mihai

12 May 2014

04:22 PM Revision 6fdbe245 (calebasse): agenda: add multiple patients for a schedule
Closes #3118 Serghei Mihai

09 May 2014

02:56 PM Revision 055aa6f5 (calebasse): agenda: raising Http404 if event is canceled
Closes #4718 Serghei Mihai

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