From 07 September 2014 to 06 October 2014

06 October 2014

09:23 PM Revision 5a8330bb (calebasse): agenda: appointment and event editing dialog fix while adding groups
Closes #5635 Serghei Mihai
09:23 PM Revision 73afaff3 (calebasse): personnes: do not empty email field on user update form
Serghei Mihai
09:23 PM Revision d20ee7a9 (calebasse): personnes: preventing form autofilling on users update form
Closes #5452 Serghei Mihai
09:23 PM Revision 23e525bf (calebasse): preventing browser of autofilling the password change form
Closes #5449 Serghei Mihai

03 October 2014

06:11 PM Revision 9b58dc83 (calebasse): dossiers: update transport cerfa to the last version
Closes #5473 Jérôme Schneider
03:36 PM Revision d94f9a54 (calebasse): agenda: a clearer informative message on event exceptions.
Mikaël Ates
09:59 AM Revision 513fe1bd (calebasse): Remove trailing whitespaces in models root file.
Mikaël Ates
09:29 AM Revision a869df8f (calebasse): dossiers: use the new comment field for addresses and contacts (fixes #4372).
Mikaël Ates
09:12 AM Revision c69fae34 (calebasse): dossiers: next schedules print fix
Closes #5595
Signed-off-by: Mikaël Ates <>
Serghei Mihai
09:06 AM Revision 02ce3555 (calebasse): agenda: reccuring appointment end date read only if related acts pointed
Closes #5594
Signed-off-by: Mikaël Ates <>
Serghei Mihai

29 September 2014

05:38 PM Revision 04eb569d (calebasse): settings: disable south test migrations
Refs #5469 Jérôme Schneider
08:02 AM Revision 2a03cc83 (calebasse): dossiers: add a new comment field of PatientRecord for the comment of addresses and contacts tab.
Mikaël Ates
08:02 AM Revision a2e49cca (calebasse): agenda: prevent periodic modification and deletion if one act is not new.
Mikaël Ates

26 September 2014

03:19 PM Revision c7a7ddf6 (calebasse): agenda: availabilities in schedules are service agnostic
Closes #5587 Serghei Mihai
12:06 PM Revision a9434862 (calebasse): agenda: lowering ponderation of departures to be sure it's always displayed
before arrivals
Closes #5465
Serghei Mihai
11:37 AM Revision 489f5bff (calebasse): dossiers: removing comment pre-formating
Closes #5475 Serghei Mihai
11:30 AM Revision bfe4ddfb (calebasse): agenda: emailing comment moved under 'Address' header
Closes #5474 Serghei Mihai
09:30 AM Revision c2424b7f (calebasse): agenda: removing highlighting on current anchor on act validation
Closes #5468 Serghei Mihai

23 September 2014

04:35 PM Revision 68a9fcc4 (calebasse): agenda: availability bar doesn't care about events' services
Serghei Mihai
10:46 AM Revision fc904112 (calebasse): agenda: holidays are not filtered by service for disponibility bar
Serghei Mihai

22 September 2014

05:33 PM Revision 6aa3310c (calebasse): agenda: handling cases when service time tables are not queryset
Serghei Mihai
04:10 PM Revision be3ba5b3 (calebasse): agenda: current service free periods only displaying fix
Serghei Mihai
03:45 PM Revision 6ab97b79 (calebasse): agenda: displaying free periods only for current service in scheduled and
availability bar Serghei Mihai
03:45 PM Revision 2d6ba14a (calebasse): agenda: current service arrivals/departures displayed in worker's schedule
Serghei Mihai

19 September 2014

05:53 PM Revision 4a8bd383 (calebasse): dossiers: finally, no week day in past acts.
Mikaël Ates
05:46 PM Revision ac97a317 (calebasse): agenda: cleaning up all schedule related cookies when visiting service homepage
Serghei Mihai
05:46 PM Revision 5b391eec (calebasse): agenda: "forget" the last open ressource if no ressources open
Serghei Mihai
05:46 PM Revision a1ea9330 (calebasse): password change related pages adapted to site design
Closes #5449 Serghei Mihai
05:46 PM Revision 56374973 (calebasse): personnes: emptying email and password fields on user access manage page, to
avoid confusing user with browser stored data.
Closes #5452
Serghei Mihai
05:40 PM Revision 9e8be8ad (calebasse): agenda: remove a stupid log which was added to test the logger
Jérôme Schneider

16 September 2014

04:53 PM Revision 2a13a353 (calebasse): agenda: display availabilities and schedules only for current service
Closes #5467 Serghei Mihai
04:53 PM Revision c6d7d0cf (calebasse): service settings vars documented
Serghei Mihai
04:53 PM Revision 055d68a5 (calebasse): agenda: displaying overlapping appointments is a service option
Closes #5459 Serghei Mihai
04:53 PM Revision e4d8c581 (calebasse): dossiers: patient record printed a portrait
Closes #5470 Serghei Mihai
04:53 PM Revision e0a69002 (calebasse): dossiers: displaying living place's comment as paragraph
Closes #5475 Serghei Mihai
04:53 PM Revision 9aa3425b (calebasse): agenda: arrivals and departures design improvings
Closes #5466 Serghei Mihai
04:53 PM Revision 01b95bad (calebasse): departures displayed before arrivals in timetables
Closes #5465 Serghei Mihai
04:53 PM Revision 59ff04e5 (calebasse): display policyholder's comment in emailing form
Closes #5474 Serghei Mihai
04:53 PM Revision 83da86c3 (calebasse): highlighting last changed act on act validation page
Closes #5468 Serghei Mihai

15 September 2014

04:04 PM Revision 9a782127 (calebasse): ressources: add missing field name
Cloeses #5485
thx Serghei
Jérôme Schneider

12 September 2014

10:29 AM Revision 1af9e727 (calebasse): dossiers: make the age format configurable via service settings
Closes #5469 Frédéric Péters

10 September 2014

10:28 PM Revision 602ecd07 (calebasse): settings: add per-service settings, for non-default behaviours
Closes #5457 Frédéric Péters
04:10 PM Revision 72eaf82e (calebasse): dossiers: display the week day in tabs of past and next appointments.
Mikaël Ates

09 September 2014

05:46 PM Revision 8e29a45e (calebasse): DOM structure causing resources schedules display fix
Serghei Mihai

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