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Revision b2ab5f4c

Added by Mikaël Ates almost 10 years ago

agenda: various modification on periodicity management and heper functions and properties

Add date, time and duration to Event model.
Add acts property returning a queryset of the acts associated to the periodic Event
and associated to its exceptions.
Add one_act_already_billed and one_act_is_billed, existence tests on periodic Event
Add events_cleaning Event function run at saving to delete exceptions out of the
reccurrency bounds.
Modify acts_cleaning to protect act already_billed from deletion.
Modify init_act() EventWithAct method to prevent act synchronisation called by
acts_cleaning for billed acts.
Modify Event delete method to prevent deletion of Event with an already billed act.
If deletion is possible, run the delete on all the exception before setting self
canceled and saving.
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