From 16 August 2011 to 14 September 2011

07 September 2011

10:41 PM Revision 5374ecec: add a "tracing" form to access submitted requests anonymously
Frédéric Péters

26 August 2011

03:53 PM Revision 70130225: [ezldap] send mail when remove a user
We don't use the good email template, but it works.
+ delete the session and redirect to login page
Thomas Noël

25 August 2011

11:17 AM Revision fea31118: [ezldap] activate account on change password or change email actions
With this modification, a user can activate his account even if he did not
receive the first mail.
Thomas Noël

23 August 2011

11:48 AM Revision 458742b3: [ezldap] mail to admins when creating a user
ticket #650 Thomas Noël

22 August 2011

05:06 PM Revision 2750dbae: [ezldap] raise a KeyError exception if user don't exist in ldap
Thomas Noël

19 August 2011

02:55 PM Revision e8b79d7d: [ezldap] delete forms when delete an account
fix #619 Thomas Noël

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