From 02 June 2014 to 01 July 2014

01 July 2014

02:57 PM Revision b472e22b (calebasse): agenda: datepicker buttons on editing events and appointments fix
Closes #5024 Serghei Mihai
02:57 PM Revision c4d2d185 (calebasse): actes: an act is saved only if its event is not canceled
Closes #4075 Serghei Mihai
02:57 PM Revision a142f551 (calebasse): agenda: edit icon hidden for an event/schedule if it is not related to the current service
Closes #4174 Serghei Mihai
02:57 PM Revision ee4ee326 (calebasse): agenda: resources title bars informations updated: workers names displayed, each element place in appropriate container
old resources template removed
Closes #4232
Serghei Mihai
02:57 PM Revision 42f9ccfc (calebasse): agenda: ressource disponibility bar fix
Serghei Mihai
02:57 PM Revision a243452c (calebasse): agenda: more space added between worker schedules
Closes #5021 Serghei Mihai
02:57 PM Revision 7044c059 (calebasse): agenda: show date picker button on date fields
Closes #5024 Serghei Mihai
11:05 AM Revision 859f69a1 (calebasse): agenda: fix spelling mistakes (fixes #5078).
Mikaël Ates

20 June 2014

03:11 PM Revision 958350c7 (calebasse): Fix typo in INSTALL file.
Mikaël Ates
11:21 AM Revision 78bae9a3 (calebasse): dossiers: fix MISES in health tab and replace FilteredSelect by select2
warning: new dependency on django-select2 Jérôme Schneider
11:19 AM Revision 224efd63 (calebasse): calebasse/static/js/jquery.form.js: update to version 3.18
Jérôme Schneider

19 June 2014

05:57 PM Revision 7a2fc3bb (calebasse): agenda: overlapping events taking in account absent act states
Serghei Mihai
05:45 PM Revision 82ef5f72 (calebasse): dossiers: fix ANAP mistake on one deficiency label.
Mikaël Ates

18 June 2014

03:01 PM Revision 3355038a (calebasse): dossiers: add more details to school for a new socialisation schedule
Fixes #4149 Jérôme Schneider
02:12 PM Revision 66d9afe6 (calebasse): agenda: comment icon updated also for appointments in schedules listing
Closes #2509 Serghei Mihai

16 June 2014

09:56 AM Revision c0ae5eb9 (calebasse): dossiers: fix state name for tab1
Jérôme Schneider

14 June 2014

04:35 PM Revision d3cfbd19 (calebasse): actes: fixing empty EventWithAct object while trying to create an act. Doctors
are forced to be Worker instances instead of People(which is its parent)
Closes #4945
Serghei Mihai

13 June 2014

05:52 PM Revision c14fdef9 (calebasse): dossiers: fix tab1 for new patient
Jérôme Schneider

12 June 2014

10:05 AM Revision f1db8cdd (calebasse): personnes: all holidays displayed in descending order
Serghei Mihai

11 June 2014

02:30 PM Revision 243e22a9 (calebasse): dossiers: transform form to calebasse ajax form
Fixes forms errors Jérôme Schneider

10 June 2014

11:58 AM Revision c18ba305 (calebasse): requirements.txt: depends on pypdf
Jérôme Schneider

02 June 2014

06:05 PM Revision d0819102 (calebasse): agenda: periodic schedule form is the same as the create form
Serghei Mihai
10:29 AM Revision abb68dff (calebasse): agenda: fixing periodic events update form
Serghei Mihai
10:16 AM Revision 98b28661 (calebasse): agenda: handling cases when the event has no act associated
Serghei Mihai

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