From 26 June 2014 to 25 July 2014

25 July 2014

04:19 PM Revision fb700370 (calebasse): dossiers: use service slug instead of name
Jérôme Schneider

24 July 2014

12:17 PM Revision 1f3aa497 (calebasse): django_journal added in requirements
Serghei Mihai
10:06 AM Revision 0ae9ecd6 (calebasse): facturation: use new PKI from
Thomas Noël

22 July 2014

07:12 PM Revision 7caf5070 (calebasse): ressources: filter place of life by services type
Closes #4146 Jérôme Schneider
07:10 PM Revision fe0dcf03 (calebasse): ressources: add services management for schools
Closes #4144 Jérôme Schneider
02:43 PM Revision 33d0696c (calebasse): agenda: on acts validation highlight block of changed act state
Closes #3148 Serghei Mihai
02:43 PM Revision bd8a996f (calebasse): Awesome font updated
Serghei Mihai
02:43 PM Revision e2df6d5e (calebasse): agenda: displaying car icon in schedules when patient uses transport to reach the appointment
Closes #2120 Serghei Mihai
02:43 PM Revision efc6c4b8 (calebasse): add a "next appointment" column in waiting list view (#3238)
Frédéric Péters
02:43 PM Revision 0d4bf0b4 (calebasse): personnes: fixing the group holidays with empty services list
Closes #4171 Serghei Mihai
02:43 PM Revision 6f7ff45d (calebasse): do not display "n° de dossier informatique" (#3120)
Frédéric Péters
02:43 PM Revision 9090c9dd (calebasse): agenda: display the services list or "Tous" for group holidays instead of check icon
Closes #4171 Serghei Mihai
02:43 PM Revision 784abc51 (calebasse): agenda: display the arrivals and departure for other services
Closes #2532 Serghei Mihai
02:43 PM Revision b58c4ed6 (calebasse): logging: handling cases when objects created, modified or deleted from shell
Serghei Mihai
02:43 PM Revision dce0454a (calebasse): agenda: display a summary of service activity
Closes #2735 Serghei Mihai
02:43 PM Revision 5e2377b1 (calebasse): agenda: do not show events and schedules from other services, display
notification instead
Closes #5023
Serghei Mihai
02:43 PM Revision 8e6a3c86 (calebasse): logging actions on models improved using post_save and pre_delete signals
Serghei Mihai

18 July 2014

07:30 PM Revision 26fb2895 (calebasse): ressources: test db.dry_run on migration 0009
Refs. #5014 Jérôme Schneider
06:49 PM Revision 75f0588d (calebasse): setup: fixing get_version and cleanning install_requires
Jérôme Schneider

17 July 2014

10:23 AM Revision 8c0910ce (calebasse): agenda: allow empty time and duration for events of type "TELEPHONE" and "COURRIEL"
Closes #5015 Serghei Mihai
10:23 AM Revision a01d85be (calebasse): logging actions on models with django_journal
Closes #1988 Serghei Mihai
10:23 AM Revision c6ef9ff5 (calebasse): useless models registering removed, because already registered by Django's admin
Serghei Mihai

11 July 2014

05:46 PM Revision 6b0728d9 (calebasse): facturation: count number of acts in batches using the invoice field prevented from act deletion.
Mikaël Ates
03:43 PM Revision a9efa997 (calebasse): requirements: depends on python-south >= 0.8.4
Jérôme Schneider
10:32 AM Revision 436efc5a (calebasse): ressoucres: use only unicode for School display name
Jérôme Schneider
10:22 AM Revision d3882260 (calebasse): agenda: print only checked therapeutes agenda
Fixes #5127 Jérôme Schneider

10 July 2014

06:20 PM Revision 81411908 (calebasse): ressources: improved socialisation place search
Fixes #5127 Jérôme Schneider

07 July 2014

07:19 PM Revision 04e3ad21 (calebasse): Merge branch 'master' into demo
Jérôme Schneider
07:18 PM Revision d4649d2f (calebasse): dossiers css: improving font size for django ajax select fields
Refs #5017 Jérôme Schneider
09:42 AM Revision 8a5069a6 (calebasse): agenda: checking if the event object has "act" attribute
Serghei Mihai
09:22 AM Revision 9cfc3afc (calebasse): add date in header of printed pages (#2359)
Frédéric Péters
09:19 AM Revision a56af5e1 (calebasse): use "min" as symbol for minutes (#5102)
Frédéric Péters
09:16 AM Revision 75f679a3 (calebasse): agenda: improving event type id check
Serghei Mihai

04 July 2014

06:32 PM Revision 1e0ec553 (calebasse): agenda: checking correctly the event type while deleting events
Serghei Mihai

03 July 2014

11:00 AM Revision 3cfe29c8 (calebasse): agenda: appointments and events comments are editable only from their service
Closes #4174 Serghei Mihai
10:44 AM Revision 4c00b570 (calebasse): agenda: don't display mobile in resources listing if not present for the patientrecord
Closes #5087 Serghei Mihai
10:28 AM Revision 7a2d7c8a (calebasse): agenda: check if duration is an integer in new appointment form
Closes #5086 Serghei Mihai

02 July 2014

11:48 AM Revision 74d4a9e2 (calebasse): agenda: fixing events and appointments comments
Serghei Mihai
11:26 AM Revision fbeb4520 (calebasse): agenda: overlaping appointments/events color updated
Serghei Mihai
11:04 AM Revision 610f195f (calebasse): agenda: fixing datepickers buttons when editing an appointment
Closes #5024 Serghei Mihai
10:18 AM Revision 1f163e44 (calebasse): agenda: uncheck by default agenda with no events on all agendas page (fixes #2611)
Mikaël Ates
09:44 AM Revision b9fec24b (calebasse): dossiers: better display unknown state in past acts.
Mikaël Ates

01 July 2014

02:57 PM Revision b472e22b (calebasse): agenda: datepicker buttons on editing events and appointments fix
Closes #5024 Serghei Mihai
02:57 PM Revision c4d2d185 (calebasse): actes: an act is saved only if its event is not canceled
Closes #4075 Serghei Mihai
02:57 PM Revision a142f551 (calebasse): agenda: edit icon hidden for an event/schedule if it is not related to the current service
Closes #4174 Serghei Mihai
02:57 PM Revision ee4ee326 (calebasse): agenda: resources title bars informations updated: workers names displayed, each element place in appropriate container
old resources template removed
Closes #4232
Serghei Mihai
02:57 PM Revision 42f9ccfc (calebasse): agenda: ressource disponibility bar fix
Serghei Mihai
02:57 PM Revision a243452c (calebasse): agenda: more space added between worker schedules
Closes #5021 Serghei Mihai
02:57 PM Revision 7044c059 (calebasse): agenda: show date picker button on date fields
Closes #5024 Serghei Mihai
11:05 AM Revision 859f69a1 (calebasse): agenda: fix spelling mistakes (fixes #5078).
Mikaël Ates

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