Lasso is licensed under the GNU GPL and the latest release is available here as a gzipped tarball: lasso-2.4.1.tar.gz

You can find older versions there .

Debian packages

Debian packages are available in the official Debian distribution, they are included in the current testing and development versions.

Additionnaly there are backported packages available in our local apt repositories. Pick the one appropriate for your distribution:

deb wheezy main
deb squeeze main
Available packages are:
  • liblasso3: runtime library
  • liblasso3-dev: C development kit
  • python-lasso: Python bindings
  • php5-lasso: PHP bindings
  • liblasso-java: JAVA bindings
  • liblasso3-perl: Perl bindings

You can also browse the repositories on


Lasso is also available through Git; you can checkout source code (see below) or browse source files online.

git clone

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