Lasso is a free-software library implementing the SAML 2.0 and ID-FF 1.2 protocols.

As a library it is up to the applications to use it to implement profiles defined by the SAML 2.0 or ID-FF 1.2 specifications, see the Support Matrix to know if your use-case is supported.

Lasso is built on top of:

Lasso is written in C but it offers bindings for Perl, PHP, Java and Python languages.

It is primarly developed on GNU/Linux and works on many UNIX environments (including Apple MacOS X) and on Microsoft Windows.


The most recent version of Lasso is 2.4.1. You can download the 2.4.1 tarball here or get more options on the general download page.


GNU General Public License (with an OpenSSL exception). Contributions are accepted under the MIT license.

We strongly recommend the use of the GNU General Public License each time it is possible. But for proprietary projects, that wouldn't want to use it, we designed a commercial license.


Copyright © 2004-2015 Entr'ouvert

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