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Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  email_backends a1790511 over 10 years Benjamin Dauvergne add a sinkhole email backend It makes all mail...
  humantime ab06cb99 about 10 years Benjamin Dauvergne humantime: convert datetime to current timezone...
  locale b37a6fc5 almost 11 years Benjamin Dauvergne eohumanize: template tags for eo applications
  management 87131a80 over 9 years Thomas Noël move safemigrate in entrouvert.djommon app (#57...
  multitenant 7dcc12d8 about 9 years Thomas Noël tenant: fix django 1.6 usage (missing
  serializers 6ec2e241 almost 10 years Benjamin Dauvergne djommon/serializers/json: fix missing import an...
  templatetags 7aa873d2 almost 11 years Frédéric Péters trivial: do not use an intermediary variable fo... 0 Bytes 6c835b8f almost 11 years Benjamin Dauvergne start a djommon django application 2.47 KB 698c4ef1 over 9 years Jérôme Schneider middleware: match url /__version__ *or* /__vers... 0 Bytes 6c835b8f almost 11 years Benjamin Dauvergne start a djommon django application 1.15 KB cffad1de almost 11 years Benjamin Dauvergne djommon: add decorated_include utility extracte...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
7dcc12d8 05 February 2015 04:48 PM Thomas Noël

tenant: fix django 1.6 usage (missing

01a055c6 05 February 2015 04:10 PM Thomas Noël

result of tenant.create_schema is undefined

ad0757e7 05 February 2015 04:06 PM Thomas Noël

remove useless get_tenant_by_domain command (#6398)

c1206294 05 February 2015 03:53 PM Thomas Noël

renamed create_schema to create_schemas

c298e1d4 05 February 2015 03:50 PM Thomas Noël

migrate: disable if django 1.7 (#6388)

eaac238e 05 February 2015 02:34 PM Thomas Noël

multitenant: use self.schema_name in SyncCommon (#6420)

bb762ce4 03 February 2015 05:35 PM Thomas Noël

tenants in TENANT_BASE/hostname (#6398)

1f642209 03 February 2015 05:34 PM Thomas Noël

migrate_schemas: use django 1.7 if available (#6388)

c1f66c77 26 January 2015 07:01 PM Serghei Mihai

tenant object passed to context manager.
"deploy tenant" method should be called with three parameters

Closes #6340

d2ffb5af 23 January 2015 06:50 PM Benjamin Dauvergne

Add a generic command to deploy service tenants from hobo (#6340)

It must be overloaded by applications.

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