Python module to interface with French's bank credit card online payment services.

Git repository: git://

Services supported are:
  • ATOS/SIP used by:
    • BNP under the name Mercanet,
    • Banque Populaire (before 2010/2011) under the name Cyberplus,
    • CCF under the name Elysnet,
    • HSBC under the name Elysnet,
    • Crédit Agricole under the name e-Transactions,
    • La Banque Postale under the name ScelliusNet,
    • LCL under the name Sherlocks,
    • Société Générale under the name Sogenactif
    • and Crédit du Nord under the name Webaffaires,
  • SystemPay by
    • Banque Populaire (since 2010/2011)
    • Caisse d'Épargne (since 2012)
    • CIC
  • and SPPlus by Caisse d'épargne (before 2012)
  • TIPI (see

You can emit payment request under a simple API which takes as input a dictionnary as configuration and an amount to pay. You get back a transaction_id. Another unique API allows to handle the notifications coming from those services, reporting whether the transaction was successful and which one it was. The full content (which is specific to the service) is also reported for logging purpose.

For SystemPay and SPPlus the module is totally independent from the respective implementation distributed by the Bank, but for ATOS/SIPS the kit distributed by the bank is also needed as the protocol created by ATOS is proprietary and not documented.

The spplus module also depend upon the python Crypto library for DES decoding of the merchant key.

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