w.c.s. is a web application which allows to design and set up online forms.

It gives a user the ability to create web forms easily without requiring any other skill than familiarity with web surfing.

It is released under the GNU GPL License.


A git repository is available here: and stable versions are regularly tagged.

Some Debian packages available at

Documentation and support

w.c.s. itself has a documentation for advanced users

Versatile forms

w.c.s. has been used to implement:

  • e-administration forms and exchanges between citizens and authorities;
  • bug tracking systems;
  • consultation for association members;
  • online surveys and polls.

Accessibility and Conformance

w.c.s. aims for conformance to standards and accessibility for all public.

Ease of Administration

w.c.s. has a nice and useful web administrative interface; it provides convenient form management and log analysis. It also has its share of parameters so it adapts to different needs without any code change.


It is possible to export collected data to CSV or Microsoft Excel files.


Administrative users can manage form submissions through complex workflows with states and transitions. States and transitions can:

  • ask a group of users for validation of the submissions,
  • proceed automatic transitions after a timeout,
  • send a mail of one or a batch of submissions,
  • is easily extensible with python code.


w.c.s. has a modular design so that is really easy to add support for new kind of fields and custom workflow actions.


Administration interface design and artwork mostly adapted from Redmine.

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